New Mercedes S-Class Guard revealed – Report

Mercedes S-class, a subsidiary armored description for the international market, has revealed. Dubbed S-Class Guard, the special guard vehicle joins the firm’s range.


Bullets, explosions, bullets and mines to guard occupants adjoining the add-on Mercedes S-class security guards, as offering the highest roomy level of love VR9 pronounce. Mercedes-guard in the first car to this level of ballistic sponsorship has been endorsed to proclaim.


Reinforced body bullets, double plated weld, including modifications to the car, toughened ascribed weight of the model has not been revealed, although considerably thickened glass, 2165kg curb weight fiddle taking into consideration of the sufficient S600. S-Class Pullman Guard clocks in at 4815kg – 3775kg G63 AMG 6×6 is more than.┬áMercedes S-class S600 Guard is based in checking account to a twin-turbocharged V12 engine behind 523bhp of facility comes from.


A terror alarm system to guard specific tool windows, an automatic fire extinguisher, fresh mood freshening system and includes roller blinds, the inside, the car appears to be almost identical to the conventional S-class.


Prices for Armored Mercedes S-class have not been released. Even Mercedes-Benz M Class, G-Class, E-Class is understandable in versions of the defender.


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